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Farm Management



Agreo offers farmers a real global management tool for their farm allowing them to plan, organize and supervise all of their productions. By opening the Cloud to farming applications, SMAG works with all stakeholders in the international farming community, deploying and integrating agronomic information systems to optimise the technical and economic steering of farm production.

Capability and features

Agreo is designed for a variety of agriculture-related professions, including suppliers, storage organisations, collectors, transformers, seeding specialists, agro-industrialists, breeders, viticulture and accounting associations.

These groups benefit from a responsive, competent and innovative partner, an expert in new web and management information system technologies, bringing innovative product offers that corresponds to their requirements and farming practices.

Farmers are able to control their productions, ensure the quality of their inputs, monitor their technical and economic results with ease.

Progress to date

Over 30,000 farmers use Agreo’s platform, as well as over 400 sector operators.

Michelin have chosen SMAG to develop a CSR web platform for their natural rubber supply chain.


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