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Agribuddy connects farmers to resources and networks. Their digital platform is both a mobile application and a web application, which farmers use alongside a “buddy” to store data and order supplies as needed. Agribuddy enables farmers to have access to capital through bank loans, as well as higher quality farm inputs.

Capability and features

Farmers get the necessary inputs to their farming needs as and when required in the value chain. The digital platform understands what farmers need (seeds, pesticides, tractors, etc.) and when they need it, so farmers can focus on farming. This reduces the stress and hassle for the farmers and significantly improves the output in terms of harvest.

Buddies are the main sources of data input into the system, and are mentors to farmers who are learning to use the digital platform. Buddies enable the connection of suppliers to farmers using the platform and also enable all aspects of transaction payment throughout the lifecycle.

Buddies who potentiallycan manage up to 50 farmers get a commission from the farming lifecycle.

The goal is to connect the input suppliers to the digital platform using a cashless transaction system. Agribuddy’s large farmer network boosts their revenues, and in the future all aspects of the transactions will be on the blockchain which improves traceability.

Progress to date


Agribuddy has over 47,000 registered farmers with 4,000 availing fill services, as well as partnerships with banks in Cambodia, Crop insurance companies and local governments.

Upcoming initiatives include credit rating of farmers to enable loans, harvest forecasts, and improved data tracking through IoT sensors and drones.

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