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Weather and agriculture solution Agrimedia provides agriculture advisory information services to farmers and input manufacturers. This gives farmers accurate forecasts, and allows them to take appropriate actions that protect the value of their harvests. With a wide range of platforms (SMS, call centre, web and mobile application), farmers can access information in a cheap and efficient manner. This service is currently provided in Vietnam through partnerships with mobile network operators.

Capability and features

Farmers use Agrimedia for weather updates and to receive agriculture advisory information by SMS, call centre or mobile app. This information helps to increase productivity and quality, leading to higher incomes.

Input Manufacturers use Agrimedia for advice on the weather, disease models and irrigation.

This helps them to improve productivity, save money and increase revenues.

Governments can use Agrimedia to broadcast official information to farmers.

Progress to date

Agrimedia has over 1 million users to date, and is currently creating a M2M application which will see them become a B2B agriculture business. It was the first company to have a weather forecast and hydrometeorology license in Vietnam.

Agrimedia has partnerships with Vinaphone, Mobifone, Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture, Pessl Instruments and Weather News.

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