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AgUnity helps the smallest farmers in developing countries with a blockchain and smartphone solution to build trust, reduce food waste and increase farmer efficiency. Currently up to 50% of crop value vanishes between harvest and point of sale, so farmers use AgUnity record all contracts on a blockchain which can’t be changed. This creates transparency and ensuring that prices remain fair. By helping farmers to work together in co-operatives and collaborating with other NGOs and initiatives, AgUnity have been able to increase farmer income 2x to 3x in a single season, making a profound social impact on rural communities.

Capability and features

Since most farmers don’t own a smartphone, a USD$30 smartphone is provided to each farmer by AgUnity, preloaded with the AgUnity application. The app is designed to be easy to use, made up of basic geometric shapes and primary colours, with farmers fully trained in the core functionality in just half a day. This records their contracts and uploads them to the blockchain.

Farmers do not have to pay, with AgUnity’s revenue coming from grant applications, third party royalties (e.g. solar lighting providers), and crop traceability data.

Progress to date

In pilot projects in Kenya & Papua New Guinea, farmers increased their incomes by an average of 3x, from one season to the next.

AgUnity has been internationally recognised for its value and potential to transform farming co-operatives, including by Gates Foundation, IFC, ADB, AfDB, UNICEF, WFP and GIZ.

In 2018, AgUnity was crowned global ‘Agripreneur of the Year’ at the Future Agro Challenge in Turkey.

After completing two small pilots and initiating a new pilot in Indonesia this year, AgUnity has a pipeline to expand and connect with several thousand farmers for the coming year.

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