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Akvo Flow is a smartphone-based data collection tool that captures geographically referenced data through an Android app. Users can collect data in areas without internet, which is is automatically transmitted to the online cloud-based workspace at a later point. Akvo Flow links to Akvo Lumen, which allows users to combine different datasets, analyse and visualise their data in online dashboards. As new data comes in, the dashboard visualisations in Lumen refresh automatically.

Good quality data is crucial for achieving impact, and the right skills and tools are essential for data-driven decision making. Akvo provides a range of services to ensure organisations succeed at every step of their programme. We support these services with our open source data platform to help capture, clean, visualise and share data in the best way possible.

Capability and features

Companies use the application for field data collection and continuous monitoring. This allows for offline data collection, plotting geographic shapes, signature verification, photos, barcode scanner and data quality monitoring. These features help them to increase yields and improve farmer livelihoods.

Companies also use the online data analysis and visualisation platform, which supports near real time monitoring, data processing and visualisation, project reporting and finance reporting.

Extension workers use the Akvo Flow mobile application to capture survey responses in the field. The surveys range from complying with produce certification standards, traceability, supply chain transparency, farmer profiling and monitoring inputs such as water and fertiliser.

NGOs use the solution either to improve the livelihoods of smallholders or to improve environmental management.

Akvo generates revenue through yearly usage based fees, as well as data consulting services.

Progress to date

Akvo has worked with several thousand farmers, and have recently completed the Berbak Green Prosperity Partnership, which focused on increasing household incomes and reducing greenhouse emissions from deforestation Sumatra, Indonesia.

A partnership with Mars Food has demonstrated how Akvo Flow and Akvo Lumen can support suppliers, farmers, buyers, and auditors to have better transparency into the sustainable production of rice. Together with Mars, Akvo created a system to simplify data collection and effectively monitor the adoption of the Sustainable Rice Platform standard, which ensures sustainable farming practices.

Akvo is currently developing the ability to share data visualisations offline, which enables sharing data back to farmers and increases awareness and participation.

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