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Koltiva is an integrated Ag-Tech service company; a software company with boots on the ground. Their mobile technologies and filed services improve smallholder farmer productivity, product quality, and traceability in end-to-end supply chains.

Koltiva provides affordable, tailor-made software solutions and professional services, that create a system transparency between suppliers and customers, and monitors positive impact on the environment.

Capability and features

Koltiva’s cloud based web and mobile software applications for project and supply chain management are customized and tailor-made to clients’ business processes.

The platform helps businesses improve quality and efficiency, while reducing risks through multilayered global supply chains.

The FarmCloud application lets farmers access all their personal data stored in Commodity Web platforms. They can access farm inputs and finance, and receive transaction notifications from the traders/off takers. Farmers can chat real time with traders and collectors to access price and quality information or arrange pick up of products. Farmers can digitally confirm their sales transactions, which creates transparent records and product traceability.

Progress to date

Koltiva have launched the FarmCloud application which provides smallholder farmers unparalleled access to their farm data, agri-inputs, knowledge, finance, and markets.

Field Agents have mapped and evaluated to date 280,433 smallholder farm plots, and the platform has 215,394 independent Smallholder Households registered.

Koltiva works with 1,928 SME and MNE across multiple commodities along the whole supply chain from input suppliers to manufacturing and retail.  To date our clients recorded 264,502 transactions at buying stations to ensure full traceability of production.

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