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Cadasta develops and promotes the use of simple digital tools and technology to efficiently document, analyze, store, and share critical land and resource rights information. By creating an accessible digital record of land, housing, and resource rights, Cadasta helps empower individuals, organizations, communities, and governments with the information they need to make data-driven decisions and put vulnerable communities and their needs on the map.

Capability and features

Partners can use Cadasta’s suite of mobile and web based tools to help them collect, manage, and store their land and resource rights data. The Cadasta platform is designed to allow for on- and off-line collection of information about people’s relationship with land and resources, including spatial dimensions, footage from drones, digital maps, video and audio interviews, photographs, paper attestations, tax receipts, and other supporting documents. The platform is also able to process and store data that has already been collected through traditional paper-based surveys and maps.

Farmers can gain a better understanding of their landholdings, ensure traceability of their product and increase security of their land rights. Cadasta’s tools can be used to document a range of data, including land use, housing condition, and agricultural practices, as dictated by cooperatives or agribusinesses which they supply.

Progress to date

Cadasta has expanded to include partnerships with 30 organisations in 17 countries, and the advancement of land and resource rights for approximately 118,000 households with one million people.

The Cadasta Platform 2.0 includes greater flexibility to explore and manage data, the ability to create web-based applications, enhanced mobile data collection tools, and richer cartography tools for data visualisation and custom map designs.


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