Drones for Agriculture


The agriculture industry often faces issues with lack of transparency, management, labour problems etc. Drones for Agriculture are using aerial analytics and automation to solve key issues. First, drones are used to quickly map a large area of a plantation, then proprietary algorithms are used to analyse the crops for health. Finally, autonomous spraying drones perform targeted spraying on affected areas. Plantation owners also have a copy of the land map for management purposes to streamline operations.

Capability and features

Poladrone’s proprietary algorithms allow users to quickly and accurately derive useful information from images captured, such as accurate oil palm count, categorisation, health, roads, infrastructure, rivers, etc. These algorithms help to streamline the analytics process which is traditionally a very manual process.

Poladrone has its own agriculture spraying drone locally in Malaysia, allowing them to provide superior after sales services and support to our customers.

Progress to date

To date, Poladrone have mapped over 150,000 acres of plantations, won Echelon Asia 2017 and have been appointed as DJI Enterprise and Sentera dealers.

Poladrone have a partnership with Microsoft, co-develop AI solutions with their engineering team, as well as a R&D partnership with University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia’s largest and only university dedicated towards agriculture.

The team are currently build a spraying drone which is able to perform targeted spraying automatically on oil palm.

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