Harvesto is one of the India’s most trusted brands of innovative agriculture technology products and instruments. Harvesto manufacture the Digital Soil Testing Mini Lab, helping organisations to start their own soil testing labs, generating employment and making soil testing facility reach farmers. These agri-entrepreneurs are able to earn well with the technology while giving soil testing reports to farmers, who with these soil testing reports are able to know the nutrient value of their soil and get fertiliser recommendation for the crops, further helping them in saving input cost, increasing yields, increasing overall profits, maintaining soil health and ecological balance

Capability and features

Harvesto’s main customers are government departments and agribusinesses who are establishing labs, and farmers in need of soil tests. Revenue is generated by selling the digital soil testing machine (product) and further supplying chemicals for soil testing.

The lab tests 14 parameters of soil & recommends fertilizer dose for 100 crops, and can be connected to a mobile phone or computer. It has 6 hours battery back-up & solar charging facility. Other solutions in the market mostly cost around 20-50 times more than Harvesto’s solution and some of them do not do the quantitative analysis of soil and are difficult to use. 

The system can be handled by an under graduate level or less educated person after training, is affordable, and produces fast results. This helps farmers to save money by optimizing fertilizer use, whilst increasing crop yields and therefore farmer income.

Progress to date

Harvesto has helped over 3 million Indian farmers through rural entrepreneurs, enterprising farmers, NGOs and private agriculture companies who use our technology to give out soil testing report to farmers.

Harvesto is India’s largest soil testing technology company, selected as “Top 5 Agro Startups” in India in 2016 and appreciated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.

The Digital Soil Testing Mini Lab is powering the Soil Health Card mission of the Government of India which has impacted over 100 million farmers according to government data. 

In next three years, Harvesto aim to make their products available in the majority of agriculture countries around the globe.

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