Sat4Rice is a real-time growth monitoring system, which uses a combination of satellite data and field data to provide both actionable advice to smallholder farmers and business intelligence information to agribusinesses.

Sat4Rice provides accurate insights on rice growing conditions, which provides farmers, extension workers and traders with valuable information that helps them become more efficient.

The Sat4Rice app allows data to be entered from the field, which integrated with satellite data in real-time. The resulting information in the database is then used both in the smartphone app for farmers, and in the professional desktop portal for agribusinesses.

Capability and features
Extension workers use the Sat4Rice mobile application to record timely and accurate information on crop conditions. With real-time information on pest & diseases and floods, extension workers can provide better advice to farmers.

Traders use Sat4Rice for daily information on rice growth. Large scale rice fields are mapped and daily updated with the current growing conditions. This data allows them to optimize core business processes, such as logistics, marketing and staff, both in fields and rice mills.

Farmers receive better information on rice growing conditions, and receive early warnings on floods, pests and diseases. Contract farmers receive information and advice for free, helping them to increase both the quantity and quality of their rice.

Progress to date
The first successful implementation of Sat4Rice was in the Mekong delta in Vietnam, where over 50,000 smallholder farmers have been reached with the service.
Sat4Rice is also being implemented in Pakistan, and collaborations in other South East Asian countries have started up as well.



Bluenumber (B#) is a digital ID to uniquely identify People, Organisations, Places or Things, and show how these specific entities relate to each other in complex systems such as supply chains. As well as being unique, each B# operates as a ‘primary key’ for the same entity in different databases. B#s can verify specific farmers, farms and facilities by triangulating public information with private data, to visualize where supply chains begin, who is involved at every stage, and reveal the ESG attributes of these entities from multiple independent sources.

Capability and features

B#s identifies and connects to every farmer, linking them to their farms, business partners and their facilities, at every level in value chains. This goes beyond supply chain traceability to provide operational insights relevant to farmers and every stakeholder. B#s verify that entities exist, if they are accurately certified, measures and reports risks, and produces evidence to corroborate sustainability claims. Buyers will know who is in the supply chain, what their practices are and how they are demonstrated. B#s recognise farmers – not just the crops they produce. Farmers are enabled to independently evidence their sustainable practices.
Bluenumber services are used by buyers and brands to verify their supply chain partners, making their operations transparent and to verify their environmental impacts. Bluenumber guarantees accurate deforestation measurement and land use change. Bluenumber enables buyers to connect directly with farmers to support livelihoods, training and their communities. Other clients include banks and lenders with rural financial inclusion programs.

Progress to date

Bluenumber partners with Sourcemap to produce industry-leading supply chain mapping and analysis. Over 250,000 oil palm smallholders in Malaysia and Indonesia have been mapped with B#s. Bluenumber is leading a mutistakeholder initiative to create the SDG Scorecard for Edible Vegetable Oils using Indonesian Palm Oil as a benchmark.

RT Analytics


RT Analytics have created rtWork and rtHome; apps that can digitize anything with electronic forms, which substitute processes that farmers currently do with paper and pencils. Farmers can take images, videos, GPS coordinates, scan QR codes, search for inputs, etc.
While farmers can use the app free of charge, revenue is generated from agribusiness companies, who benefit from the data collected from smallholder farmers.

Capability and features

Farmers use a range of features, including the Farm E-diary, Cost Management, Hired Labors Management, Inventory Management, CRM and Messaging. These tools increase their productivity and revenues whilst also reducing costs.

Input Manufacturers benefit from clear information about their products and how to use instructions. rtWork tells the manufactures what products farmers are using and where their products are being forged.

NGOs use these tools to coordinate and support both Ag businesses and farmers, allowing them to strengthen value chains.


Progress to date

RT Analytics has worked with over 300 farmers to date, and are collaborating with CIAT Vietnam and AliSEA to implement pilot projects in Vietnam. Their apps are available for the web, iOS and Android.

eService Everywhere


SourceTrace software solutions  provide complete visibility from field to market and tracks the value chain at the source – even in remote, low bandwidth environments. eService Everywhere (ESE™) helps to capture all interactions at the touchpoints of the smallholder farmers at the field level for enhanced traceability and improved accountability of the value chain. SourceTrace Systems ESE™ platform sets the industry standard for mobile applications in remote and low-bandwidth environments.

Capability and features

SourceTrace is a SaaS solution targeted for organizations such as farmer cooperatives, Farmer Producer Organizations, Agribusinesses, Financial Institutions, Government and development organizations – all of whom are working with a group of farmers. The field staff, extension workers or lead farmers of these organizations use the mobile application in the field to conduct transactions, collect data and disseminate data.  The data is aggregated in the server to assist the operational and senior managers for reporting and aid in their decision making to improve the overall value chain efficiency including the farmer productivity.

For example, SourceTrace has provided the traceability solution fororganic cotton value chain all the way from farm to the brands. This traceability has helped the farmers to fetch premium price and thus increased their profits. ESETM Aqua solution is deployed for shrimp farming along with traceability, which again fetches premium price for the farmers.

Progress to date

SourceTrace was the winner of the mBillionth Awards SouthAsia 2018, the Gold Winner of the App Design Awards Asia-2015 as well as the Agri Startup Winner in 2018.

To date, SourceTrace solutions have impacted nearly   one million farmers in 24 countries..

SourceTrace started developing blockchain-based solutions for agriculture value chain traceability and financial transactions These solutions will be shortly deployed for Fruit and Vegetable Value Chain Management in Haiti supported by Worldbank.



FarmERP is an end-to-end software solution from “farm to fork” that helps smallholder farmers increase their efficiency and profitability. FarmERP simplifies the management of farming, harvesting, packing and retailing, and helps farmers match the market’s demands. This results in reduced inventory losses, full traceability and increased field staff mobility.

Capability and features

FarmERP is a complete solution from purchase, inventory, production, post production, planning, farm profile, accounts, contract farming including HR. Users benefits from the software’s data management, farmer ledgers, MIS reports, yield estimates and harvest records.

This results in enhanced productivity and harvest quality, decreased production costs and improved water conservation.

The platform can integrate weather stations, irrigation systems, sensors, drones, weighing scales and other hardware, along with legacy software such as MS Dynamics, Unity, SAP, Oracle, Netsis. It is also able to be used offline, then synchronised when internet is available.

Progress to date

FarmERP has 380,000 acres under management, with clients in 12 countries. Over 50,000 farmers have benefitted from FarmERP to date.

FarmERP has been successfully rolled out with Mahindra Agri Solutions for its grape operations, and Azersun for their vegetable business, providing complete traceability for their production.

Vishwaam Info Tech are currently developing a predictive agriculture framework for crop water requirements, crop simulation models and a blockchain integration to enhance traceability.



ScanTrust is a smart packaging company that provides solutions to product authentication, supply chain traceability and consumer engagement. Through the patent, copy-proof QR codes, cloud-based business intelligence software and blockchain technology, ScanTrust helps brands digitise their physical products and enable two-way communication with end-consumers.

Capability and features

FMCGs benefit from product authentication/anti-counterfeit, track and trace, consumer engagement

Digitise your products and enable two-way communication with your end-consumers.

Input Manufacturers are able to track and trace their products and creating visibility across the supply chain.

Progress to date

ScanTrust was a finalist at the EUIPO Blockathon 2018 as the winner of the “Consumer” and “Customs” Challenges. ScanTrust was also rated “Best Product” & “Most Innovative Startup” at the 2nd EY Global Startup Challenge 2015.

ScanTrust has worked with 200 farmers to date, and has also worked with Argentinian Government on Fiscal Stamps for Seed Industry. They have partnerships with HP Indigo, Reynders, and Image Lake Image Systems

ScanTrust are a founding partner of the GoodChain Foundation – a Global, Decentralised Product Transparency Platform for Social Impact.


Blockchain Advisory, Dynamic Discounting, Jupiter Chain


JEDTrade is a leading technology company that builds business solutions powered by blockchain technology. JEDTrade believe that technology should be built around the business and its use cases.

As such, their blockchain advisory is centred on providing objective guidance and insights that are tailored to each client’s industry and needs. They blend our blockchain knowledge with subject matter expertise in trade and supply chain finance to create tailored solutions for clients.

JEDTrade deem blockchain as the key to democratising power and resources with trust, fairness and accountability. The blockchain project Jupiter Chain is a Smart Consentable Data Exchange platform that aims to create a privacy-preserving federated blockchain which enables the use of analytics.

JED Dynamic Discounting is an enterprise solution to help suppliers and buyers to optimise trade and cash flow by achieving a win-win outcome in terms advance cash flow and better yields. JEDTrade is an early supporter of the Networked Trade Platform by GovTech Singapore as a Value-Added Service (VAS) provider.

Progress to date

JEDTrade has been an early supporter of the Networked Trade Platform (NTP) by GovTech and SGCustoms as a Value-Added Service (VAS) provider.



GeoTraceability exists toput smallholders on the map” – giving them the opportunity to participate in supply chains that are connected via data, and to give them the standing as independent businesses. They provide technical solutions that increase the visibility of suppliers and products in complex value chains. GeoTraceability design and implement software solutions for public, private and non-governmental organizations in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, livestock, fishing, forestry and mining. Their data collection tools, traceability systems and online data hosting services enable organizations to collect, process, visualize and analyze data in a cost-effective way, at scale.

GeoTraceability is designed to be affordable, with mills and traders paying fees for an off-the-shelf product and subscription, or requesting system customization where appropriate

Capability and features

Traders are able to trace crops from field to processing plant, monitor and support the smallholder supply base, and pass traceability data to customers. This increases the security of supply through farmer engagement, avoiding illegal crop processing and negative NGO campaigns.

Extension workers use the Farm Business Plan builder to support each individual smallholder with bespoke recommendations for increasing output based on the field data stored in the GeoTraceability database. Extension workers use the software to produce thousands of personalized Farm Business Plans with one click, taking their agronomic advice and training to the next level.

FMCGs have visibility on where the crops in their supply chain originated down to an individual field and farmer. This helps them avoid damaging publicity by being able to demonstrate precisely who is in their supply chain, where they are and how they are supported.

Progress to date

GeoTraceability has been used by Ferrero with 13,000 hazelnut farmers in Turkey, as well as ECom tracing coffee and cocoa from 85,000 smallholder farmers, as well as projects with most of the largest palm companies, including Wilmar, GAR and Cargill. There are over 300,000 farmers with detailed profiles currently in the GeoTraceability database and incorporated in traceable supply chains.

GeoTraceability is currently developing a multi-stakeholder platform that will drive traceability to plantation in the palm oil sector.



mFish is a mobile application that allows fishers in developing nations to digitally log their harvest. They receive access to information on weather, best practices, and market pricing when available. mFish Trace uses a blockchain solution, Fishcoin, that is developing incentives for fishers to use the app, exchanging key data elements for traceability for mobile top-ups.

mFish exists to create a data ecosystem and help address the inefficiencies and unsustainable practices within the fishing and aquaculture industry. This helps to prevent food waste, protect the livelihoods and wellbeing of fishers, and conserve commercially and ecologically important fish populations and their habitat.

Capability and features

Fishers use the browser based application to access education courses (best practices, stock status, data collection etc), catch/harvest logbook, market prices, weather forecast, and messenger services.

This equips them with best practice information and rewards producers for digitally logging their harvest with mobile top-ups.

NGOs can create content and use the Course Management System to educate fishers and fish farmers on best practices. They can also receive catch data from local fishers who are part of a fishery improvement project.

Governments can use mFish’s messenger for communicating directly with fishers, informing them about regulations, closures, gear restrictions etc. Governments can also receive data to get a better understanding of catch per unit effort for stock assessment, which improves their fisheries management plans.

Progress to date

To date, mFish has engaged over 16,000 fishers, and their application is available in over 30 countries in seven languages. mFish and Fishcoin are being piloted with Thai Union one of the largest seafood suppliers in the world, with pilots in the works with other producers in Alaska, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Sri Lanka, and a leading sustainability brand in Mexico.




AgUnity is a global technology platform tackling the barriers to technology adoption in the last mile by providing these farmers with a smartphone and blockchain-based application solution, helping them to improve communication, access digital services, confidently transact with transparency and increase collaboration in the value chain. 

Capability and features

The AgUnity app has been designed alongside the farmers who use it. The user interface utilizes geometric shapes and primary colors to make it accessible to those with low levels of literacy or digital skill, while the off-line capability means that farmers can reliably transact even when they do not have connectivity. Additionally, the proprietary operating system means that AgUnity can remotely update the app and add 3rd party digital services to the platform, which reduces the digital skill required for the user to operate the smartphone.

AgUnity is free for farmers. Revenues for AgUnity are generated from grants, third party royalties (e.g. solar lighting providers) and crop traceability data.

Progress to date

AgUnity has partnered with organizations including ADB, Fairtrade International, WFP, USAID and UNICEF to deliver this solution in eight different countries including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam and Timor Leste. AgUnity has also been recognised for its innovative technology with 14 awards and prizes including the ‘Global Agripreneur of the Year’ in 2018 and Startup Avalanches global pitching competition in 2020.

In 2021, AgUnity was recognised as one of the 10 winners of the Women Enterprise Recovery Fund (WERF) for their work with women coffee farmers in Indonesia. 

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