iFarms’ flagship product, Umá, is a mobile app that serves as an online agri-marketing tool for producers. By connecting key stakeholders through an online wholesale market place, Umá adds earning opportunities for producers / farmers to reach markets and fulfil the demand.
This is achieved by creating reliable partnerships for producers, providing them with relevant information like actual demands and market trends with transparent pricing across the value chain.
Umá helps farmers to better forecast crop harvests and offers a secure payment system, freeing them from traditional market demands and practices.

Capability and features
Umá has 2 apps connected to each other. One for the Farmers called Umá Grower and another for the buyers called Umá.
This is a solution created for those who are looking to procure from local farms directly. Their app lets buyers identify trusted farmers and use the order management platform to schedule deliveries and payments. This trust benefits both parties, who are each given assurance that they will be treated fairly.
Farmers can use Uma’s digital solutions to overcome deep-rooted agricultural barriers, such as uncertainty, mistrust and a lack of reliable information. Uma allows farmers to sell their crops before harvest, access an online marketplace, and ensure that their payments will be received.
iFarms, Inc. is developing food safe infrastructure called Umá Agriculture Terminal. This provides services for producers to drop of their goods as such for fulfilment centres.

Progress to date
iFarms has recently formalised partnerships with Nueva Vizcaya Agricutural Terminal, Inc, a farmer owned corporation, with over 150 farming families, that acts as the trading ground for the region’s produce, and Indigenous People Organization in Mindanao, which plant heirloom grains for a premium market.
iFarms are currently working with a cooperative, as well as Agro-industrial producers, foundations and independent family farms.
iFarms are simultaneously working on two fulfilment centres in rural and urban areas. Both facilities will feature innovative technology, with the implementation of Food Safety Standards guided by a professional licensed group.

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