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Crabifier is a mobile application that identifies to species a juvenile mud crab by analyzing the shape of its carapace. It is useful of mud crab farmers and traders in detecting preferred species for grow out and validating the pricing of crablets for sale.

Capability and features

Crabifier helps farmers identify if captured or sold juveniles are of their preferred species. Crabifier can also be used by traders for species identification of juvenile mud crabs. Through the app, traders can be assured that they are providing the right species to the right farmer, and can also allow for better stratification of prices of different species.

Mud crab researchers can also use the app for the same reasons, but scientists can also benefit from the back-end processes and systems that allowed the development of Crabifier. Through a system that combines image analysis and molecular biology, researchers can find morphological markers to differentiate varieties, species, and developmental stages, and create an algorithm to automate the process. This democratizes the disciplines and allow for a more efficient and consistent method of identification for different purposes.

Progress to date

Crabifier has worked with five farmers and is set to be tested in the mud crabs farms of Cagayan, Bataan and Iloilo to showcase its current state of accuracy and mobility. Interested parties from local governments, trade schools and state universities have also signified their interest in learning about the technology.

A new project involving Crabifier seeks to democratize the use and development of such technologies through a training program that will teach members of local governments, state high schools and universities, and agriculture and aquaculture stakeholders that basic principles of DNA barcoding, image analysis and programming. This targets the creation of a national network knowledgeable in the use of the technique and involved in the discussions and movements towards the modernization of Philippine agriculture and aquaculture practices.

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