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CropBASE is a platform that provides solutions for agricultural diversification. CropBASE includes a global evidence base of key genetic, agronomic and nutritional information on under-utilised crops. Combining this data with climatic, soil and other information will support a range of models to predict the performance of value chains that include under-utilised crops under current and future climate scenarios.

CropBASE has developed an online crop suitability evaluator, based on multi-criteria land suitability methodology and local priorities. The app shortlists potential under-utilised crops that can grow at any location for a range of end uses. CropBASE will help transform agricultural business by improving information flows and reducing production risks using the vast potential of under-utilised crops and information technology.

Capability and features

Governments can improve land related decisions and extend land-use options.  The platform simulates crop suitability and demonstrates value-chain traceability from seed to market with emphasis on nutrition. The platform will provide a link between science and local knowledge for the benefit of decision makers that are looking for robust evidence bases to back their decisions.

CropBASE helps extension workers to disseminate information to the end-users including farmers, retailers, buyers and other decision makers about the gaps that exist in knowledge allowing them to communicate the needs better. It provides access to aggregated insights that are generated regionally, allowing quick identification of local issues and their appropriate responses.

Farmers can use location-based insights to see possible business options that are custom-built for their own property given the current soil, climate conditions and future forecasts. This allows them to increase their productivity, add new lines of business and boost their incomes.

Progress to date

CropBASE is currently rolled out in a major plantation and is working with two different categories of farmers. They are collaborating with a consortium of 19 global partners under ‘LANDSUPPORT’ project to develop and test a decision support system (DSS) that enables evaluation of trade-offs between land uses, and are completing cases studies in Malaysia and 3 European countries.

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