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CROWDE is an agriculture-focused fintech startup that empowers farmers across Indonesia with technology and capital. It is a a farmer-friendly financing ecosystem that connects investors seeking attractive returns with farmers that are looking for capital to grow. Farmers are able to choose the interest, scheme, repayment, and collection method that works best for them to support their business. They then list their offer on CROWDE’s platform, where investors can finance the project. This helps to create employment and support local communities.

CROWDE generates revenue through trading margins from agricultural inputs sold through their application, making the platform financially sustainable.

Capability and features

Farmers receive training from CROWDE in farming, finance, and marketing in order to change their mindset from being just a farmer to be an Agropreneur. CROWDE’s closed-loop (zero cash ecosystem) help farmers be more efficient, and the application creates the habit of documenting their decisions.

Lenders can easily access the information about the project that they are funding, periodically receiving reports that show the progress of the project. Lenders can start to invest from as small as ten thousand rupiahs (around 0.70 USD today). Lenders may also pick the project based on their preference on lending scheme: profit-sharing, Shariah or loan.

Progress to date

CROWDE has been recognised by Forbes 30 under 30 (Asia Social Entrepreneur Category), and was the winner of DBS SVCA Asia 2017.

CROWDE have worked with more than 14,000 farmers, 500 agriculture suppliers, and 132 agriculture buyers, and is partnering with several banks in Indonesia.

They also work with Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia to help them control and giving insight for every villages in Indonesia.

In three years, CROWDE aim to connect with more than 150,000 farmers in Indonesia, disburse more than 50 Million USD and start to expand the market to South East Asian Countries.

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