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Eaglesensing collects and processes images from satellites, manned aircraft and drones to analyze sizable tracts of land. Farmers and plantation owners can see several layers of information, such as Orthomosaic, Digital Terrain Model, water logging, contour lines, plant health, tree counts and planting densities. The system is fast, cost effective, features detailed imagery, and gives actionable output. Clients can also collect the required images themselves, and simply upload for analytics. Results are subsequently presented on a platform.

Capability and features

Eaglesensing uses a SaaS model that can be tailored to suit each client based on required deliverables. The system is constantly developing new features through machine learning.

Farmers use this technology to receive actionable management information for precision agriculture, which improves the allocation of resources. Through APIs integration with Farm management systems is possible.

Lenders are able to improve their due diligence practices by verifying land titles and checking if loans are being used for what was claimed. This allows them to make fast and accurate loan assessments.

Progress to date

Eaglesensing worked in numerous projects in the oil palm, banana and sugar cane industry, with both private sector and NGO partners. In Asia over 40 farms used or are using the technology, several through an annual subscription.


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