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Supply Chain Intelligence




8Villages have a suite of services that benefit smallholder farmers, including Datahub, LISA, KASA and RegoPantes.

Datahub is a platform that assists field officers in collecting data. It began as an internal tool for the 8Villages staff, but is now released commercially to empower a wide range of users.

Datahub collects high quality data from the field, eliminates paper based collection and increase the data’s accuracy. The app is designed to be as practical as possible, works without an internet connection, monitors field officer performance, generates reports automatically and guarantees the quality of the data. For agricultural businesses, the app can be used for field registration.

Progress To Date

8Villages has engaged over 120,000 farmers to date, and has partnerships with Mercy Corps Indonesia, Telco (Telkomsel), Agriculture University, Ministry of Trade and BMKG.

The team are working with ministry of information to reach 1 million farmers in Indonesia.

Datahub is partnering with experts to track Standard Operating Procedures that are proven to increase productivity, using trial plots to demonstrate these improvements. This tracks if the farmers actually perform these activities, which creates transparency for investors and increases yields.


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