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The Digital Farm Development Plan (FDP) is a diagnostic mobile tool that combines knowledge of agronomic practices with data on farm economics, and the needs and preferences of a smallholder cocoa farming family. The FDP is designed to map the entire farm area, and designate distinct polygons that are classified by their use (for example: planted with cocoa, unplanted, or personal use). It produces a seven-year investment plan for the farmer, with future Profit &Loss forecasts adjusted based on the inputs and activities farmers choose. If a farm household cannot afford a recommended investment (such as replanting trees, or applying fertilizer), the tool allows the farmer to set what they can afford and then recalibrates the P&L forecast and the plan itself. This participatory process increases farmers’ willingness to buy into the plan.


Capability and features

Farm coaches from private cocoa companies use the FDP to develop comprehensive profiles of farms and farmers. By using a digital tool and working with farmers interactively, customizing a long-term farm plan becomes manageable and possible.

Farmers use the tool’s seven-year profit and loss plan as a decision making tool for allocating limited resources.  The plan shows the farmer a long-term P&L of the farm that includes investments and potential returns on a per plot basis.

Cocoa buyers extension service personnel use the tool to enhance their service deliver model,

Allowing them to coach / work with farmers more intensively to support farm investments coupled with specific interventions to boost productivity to 1.5 to 2 MT per hectare.


Progress to date

The FDP has assisted almost 2,000 farmers to date.  The tool is being used in Indonesia, Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.  Grameen is working with Rainforest Alliance under the SAT4Farming consortium to integrate geo-data from WaterWatch and Satelligence to add data points that will help validate and bring down the costs of monitoring risks and adherence to the plan.  Grameen and Rainforest Alliance are gearing to set up a social enterprise that will deliver the digital tool and related services to organizations in the broader cocoa value chain on a commercial basis.

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