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Eragano offer a range of solutions for farmers who are otherwise trapped by middle men. Eragano connect farmers to lenders, who giving them access soft loans. This helps farmers buy good quality inputs, while they also receive guidance and financial literacy training – all through the mobile app. Their unique formulas and credit scoring methodologies gives them insight into farmers’ specific needs, allowing them to prescribe the most appropriate financial and agricultural products.

Capability and features

Farmers participate in workshops to learn how to use the technology, and are provided ongoing support to build their tech literacy. They are connected to a range of partners; banks for soft loans, open markets for better prices, agricultural experts for relevant advice, and field managers for offline assistance. This frees them from middle men, who use predatory loans and offer low crop prices.

FMCGs can access good quality harvests, since farmers have expert assistance in harvesting and grading their crops. They are also able to bypass middle men, and can ensure that their purchasing in in line with their CSR policies. Eragano generates revenue through these crop sales, whilst ensuring farmers get a much better deal than what they would have otherwise received.

Lenders receive access to trusted and recommended farmers, who will then purchase financial products.

Progress to date


Eragano has over 5,000 farmers to date, with some farmers currently supplying to Unilever. They have been recognised by Swiss Innovation, Women In Tech, Asian Ricebowl Start Up and awarded “Best agriculture startup (Telkomsel Version)”. The team are currently developing Eragano station centres in Indonesia.


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