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Farmapp is an integrated pest and disease management platform for crops. It combines information from different technological modules such as geo-referenced scouting and spraying apps, soil sensors, and weather stations. Once the information is processed and analysed, it is delivered back to the farmers via email, SMS, and access through the business intelligence platform. This information is used to plan biological controls, analyse and program the spraying of a particular product, monitor the incidence of pests and diseases, and automating greenhouses. The platform is mostly used for protected cropping (greenhouses) and is currently implemented in over 1,500 greenhouses around the world.

Capability and features

Farmers can simplify these processes through the easy to use mobile application. Recording data is easy and more efficient than using traditional methods such as paper, and farmers benefit from satellite maps, soil sensors and weather stations. Farmers can also track the routes and speed of movement of crop sprayers, in order to optimize the quantity of the product supplied and to control the application of agrochemicals and fertilizers in the field. This module significantly reduces the use of agrochemicals and fertilizers in the crop.

Input Retailers have access to real-time user metrics, giving them a better understand of customer needs and empowering them to sell more appropriate products.

Progress to date

Farmapp operates in three continents, with over 80 farms using Farmapp as part of their daily activities. Customers are currently experiencing 20% reductions in plant losses and savings 20% on labour costs.

Farmapp is developing a virtual 24/7 agronomist to support growers with weather, pest and disease management, as well as an interactive school programs that making use of technologies that students use on a daily basis.

The team are currently working on a new “Pesticides Free/Minimal Use Certificate” that will be used by companies, government and customers to get a unique and trusted source of truth about the provenance and practices used to produce the products. The platform allows Farmapp to generate real-time and secure reports that will transform the way people buy food at supermarkets.

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