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FarmERP is an end-to-end software solution from “farm to fork” that helps smallholder farmers increase their efficiency and profitability. FarmERP simplifies the management of farming, harvesting, packing and retailing, and helps farmers match the market’s demands. This results in reduced inventory losses, full traceability and increased field staff mobility.

Capability and features

FarmERP is a complete solution from purchase, inventory, production, post production, planning, farm profile, accounts, contract farming including HR. Users benefits from the software’s data management, farmer ledgers, MIS reports, yield estimates and harvest records.

This results in enhanced productivity and harvest quality, decreased production costs and improved water conservation.

The platform can integrate weather stations, irrigation systems, sensors, drones, weighing scales and other hardware, along with legacy software such as MS Dynamics, Unity, SAP, Oracle, Netsis. It is also able to be used offline, then synchronised when internet is available.

Progress to date

FarmERP has 380,000 acres under management, with clients in 12 countries. Over 50,000 farmers have benefitted from FarmERP to date.

FarmERP has been successfully rolled out with Mahindra Agri Solutions for its grape operations, and Azersun for their vegetable business, providing complete traceability for their production.

Vishwaam Info Tech are currently developing a predictive agriculture framework for crop water requirements, crop simulation models and a blockchain integration to enhance traceability.

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