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Farmforce is a cloud-hosted web and mobile platform enabling transparency and digital management in the first mile of agricultural value chains. Launched in Nairobi, Kenya in 2012, Farmforce supports companies and organizations to understand where their products originate and how they were grown. Clients manage their strategic sourcing partnerships with smallholder farmers to alleviate pain points and drive supply chain sustainability.

Capability and features

Farmforce provides digital traceability in procurement from over 250,000 smallholder farmers along 30+ agricultural supply chains. This mobile technology solution replaces existing paper-based processes and thereby provide traceability to the field level. This visibility provides actionable information for management while providing transparency and document compliance with any food and sustainability standards (Global G.A.P., Rainforest Alliance, Organic, FSMA) to simplify audits.

Progress to date

Farmforce has been used by over 500,000 farmers across 25 countries. It has successfully deployed a barcode based traceability to over 25,000 cocoa farmers, and is available in 14 languages.

The team are currently working on a diagnostic system for plant diseases and partial automation of certification auditing.

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