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GeoTraceability exists toput smallholders on the map” – giving them the opportunity to participate in supply chains that are connected via data, and to give them the standing as independent businesses. They provide technical solutions that increase the visibility of suppliers and products in complex value chains. GeoTraceability design and implement software solutions for public, private and non-governmental organizations in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, livestock, fishing, forestry and mining. Their data collection tools, traceability systems and online data hosting services enable organizations to collect, process, visualize and analyze data in a cost-effective way, at scale.

GeoTraceability is designed to be affordable, with mills and traders paying fees for an off-the-shelf product and subscription, or requesting system customization where appropriate

Capability and features

Traders are able to trace crops from field to processing plant, monitor and support the smallholder supply base, and pass traceability data to customers. This increases the security of supply through farmer engagement, avoiding illegal crop processing and negative NGO campaigns.

Extension workers use the Farm Business Plan builder to support each individual smallholder with bespoke recommendations for increasing output based on the field data stored in the GeoTraceability database. Extension workers use the software to produce thousands of personalized Farm Business Plans with one click, taking their agronomic advice and training to the next level.

FMCGs have visibility on where the crops in their supply chain originated down to an individual field and farmer. This helps them avoid damaging publicity by being able to demonstrate precisely who is in their supply chain, where they are and how they are supported.

Progress to date

GeoTraceability has been used by Ferrero with 13,000 hazelnut farmers in Turkey, as well as ECom tracing coffee and cocoa from 85,000 smallholder farmers, as well as projects with most of the largest palm companies, including Wilmar, GAR and Cargill. There are over 300,000 farmers with detailed profiles currently in the GeoTraceability database and incorporated in traceable supply chains.

GeoTraceability is currently developing a multi-stakeholder platform that will drive traceability to plantation in the palm oil sector.

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