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Golden Paddy offers real-time, specific and accurate productivity advice, connection to better buyers with better prices and terms, and connection to formal lenders with better rates and terms. All services are free for farmers, with Golden Paddy generating revenue from lead generation, advertisements, data insights and transactions.

Users avoid crop loss with timely and precise advice, receive better prices for their crops and pay less for customized loans.

Capability and features

As many farmers now have a smartphone and basic digital literacy, Golden Paddy has been developed as a mobile app based platform that provides services to the smallholders.

Impact Terra is utilizing its proprietary Crop Recommendation Engine (crop simulation models), Remote Sensing Engine (large scale crop growth and risk insights) and big-data platform to provide advanced services at scale to farmers and third parties.

MFIs and financiers use the loan origination services and credit scoring engine to make data-informed loan assessments. Agribusinesses use the platform to advertise and collect data. Non-profits use the platform to provide extension support to farmers.

Progress to date

Golden Paddy has gone from a mobile application to recommendation engine and satellite platform, and has raised over USD$3m to date. The platform has over 50,000 registered farmers, whilst securing strategic long-term partnerships across agronomy, technology, satellite insights, big-data, and financial services.

Golden Paddy is currently developing four technologies; their website and mobile app, crop simulation/prediction models, remote sensing models and an analytics platform.


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