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Rice, Pulses, Vegetables, Spices, Maize, Fruits, Coffee


Farmer Advisory



Green Way is an online platform for farmers, traders and rural communities. It gives a range of crop and region specific market prices, and allows farmers to ask questions (with photos) that are answered by verified agricultural experts.

Capability and features

The app is an easy to use, visual tool giving trustworthy, up to the minute information on agriculture and livestock topics. It features market prices for over 500 crop varieties, localised weather information, a bookshelf, articles on crops, a dedicated dairy and fish section and a very popular question and answer section. Green Way aims to create a network of farmers, technicians and traders, and generates income through partnerships and advertising.

Progress to date

The Green Way app has over 96,000 farmers, as well as partnerships with UNESCO, WorldFish, Lift, NZ Dairy and Myanmar Tea Cluster.

The development team are currently integrating crop specific technical advice, a digital payment platform, and functionality for farmers to keep a record of costs and inputs.

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