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Green Way is a mobile app for farmers, traders and rural communities. It covers a range of crops and region-specific market prices and allows farmers to ask questions, with the option to attach photos, that are answered by verified agricultural experts.

 Capability and features

Greenovator is an agritech company that launched its first app named Green Way, as a free-for-farmer mobile application in 2016. It was created to connect farmers with technicians for timely and high-quality answers to farmers’ questions and also access information on best farming practices. It has gradually evolved to also offer a tool to connect smallholder farmers with agricultural and livestock business stakeholders. The Green Way app is an independent, unique and inclusive platform in Myanmar providing digital connections with farmers, technicians, agri inputs businesses, traders and contract farming businesses.  Moreover, it is now able to connect with consumers through a seller-buyers link featured through the Zaytangyi website.

Green Way is a free app to download and generates revenues from providing agricultural services such as consultancy, research and translations to INGOs, NGOs and enterprises.

 Progress to date

As of late 2021, the Green Way app has 30,000 active monthly users and has been downloaded by over 280,000 farmers. Greenovator has partnerships with over 15 organizations including UNESCO, World Fish, LIFT, NZ Dairy, and so on. Greenovator also provides premium services to micro financiers. 

A new feature of the Green Way app is Asein Yone Mat Tan (Asein meaning “green” and Mat Tan meaning “data”). It is the first digital farm management solution in Myanmar providing solutions for contract farming businesses.

The Asein Yone Mat Tan feature is the result of many research projects to find the best-fit solution for farmers, traders and contract farming organizations. With Asein Yone Mat Tan, farming timelines can be planned, farming activities recorded and this farming digital tool can help manage the farmers’ problems and track potential and actual yields and also provide traceability of the yields.

The development team created the Group Function, a place for users to start group discussions in a public or private setting for topics related to agriculture. It is aimed at strengthening existing networks and creating new networks of farmers with similar interests and goals.

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