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GREENCoffee provides real time, 24/7 information, tailored to farmers and B2B partners in Vietnam. By using smart communication and information tools (e.g. smartphones, SMS, web portal) that integrate important data, farmers have access to relevant information products.

For example, a farmer receives frequent updates through personalised SMS, such as weather forecasts and seasonal predictions.

Capability and features

GREENCoffee is an information service – a multi-component (smartphone, SMS, web portal), farmer and B2B oriented information service that supports coffee cultivation in the central highland provinces of Vietnam.

GREENCoffee is engaging over 100,000 smallholder farmers to support their coffee cultivation practices and improve livelihoods.

GREENCoffee Information Services provides (on-request) tailored data analysis, information products and advice that support B2B partners to meet environmental guidelines and sustainable production criteria.

Progress to date

GREENCoffee has over 10,000 farmers currently using the platform, and is launching a social enterprise that will take over operations in 2019. The business will generate its own income through a farmer subscription model, as well as generating fees from B2B partnerships.

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