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Htwet Toe is a simple and easy-to-use mobile platform that helps agricultural communities in Myanmar by providing professional advice, solutions and services to increase yield and productivity.  Htwet Toe has partnered with companies such as Myanma Awba Group and TerraSphere, to create a platform where farmers and agricultural communities can readily access a wide spectrum of content to help improve harvest yields, achieve better selling prices and build a strong agricultural community. 

Capability and features

Htwet Toe contains comprehensive farming guides for more than 35 domestic crops and assists farmers with various aspects of farming from seed selection to harvesting and selling their produce. The application provides farmers with localized crop prices to use as a benchmark to negotiate with middlemen. Farmers can send in recorded voice messages and receive a response within 12 hours from trained agronomists. Htwet Toe generates contextualized agro-meteorological advisories for farmers based on their geodata, crop data and satellite weather data and produces action plans to optimize farm productivity. Htwet Toe also contains an e-commerce platform where farmers can search, browse and order selected input products directly to their farm. 

Htwet Toe’s digital community feature gathers farmers and different supply chain players in forums where they can connect with one another, exchange ideas and conduct business transactions. 

The platform’s Q&A section allows farmers to interact and communicate with trained agronomists in near real-time to get timely advice. Farmers can also test their knowledge on different aspects of farming by participating in daily quizzes and winning rewards.

Hwet Toe is a free app and generates revenue through advertising, e-commerce, partnerships with agribusinesses, social enterprises and INGOs, loyalty programs, sales lead generation, and its Village Link Satellite Service (VLSS) –  the company’s B2B platform providing remote-sensing data for agribusiness clients. 

Progress to date

Htwet Toe provides value and services to more than 400,000 Myanmar farmers and continues to be one of the most used agriculture apps in the country, with around 46,000 monthly active users, as of early 2022.  

The agronomists at Htwet Toe have answered more than 100,000 specific questions, helping farmers to solve problems and improve yields. The dedicated team at Htwet Toe continues to connect with farmers via-mobile and on-ground, having conducted over 110 field training exercises that have benefitted 5,500 farmers and extension workers across Myanmar in 2018-2020. 

The company aims to reach 1 million farming families and food producers, most of them smallholder farmers.

Htwet Toe has partnered with companies and NGOs including Myanma Awba Group, Maha Agriculture, Mercy Corps, Misui Co, Care Myanmar, WWF, SarVision, Terrasphere and Weather Impact.

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