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Htwet Toe is a simple and easy to use mobile platform that helps agricultural communities in Myanmar by providing professional advice, solutions and services to increase yield and productivity in the Agricultural sector.  Htwet Toe has partnered with some of the most influential agricultural and data entities in Myanmar and globally to create a platform where farmers and agricultural communities are able to readily access a wide spectrum of rich content that can help them improve in every aspect of the agricultural supply chain.

Capability and features

Htwet Toe’s information-based features provide farmers with location-based access to weather information that is curated specifically to agriculture including automated alerts that relate to impact and early warning advisory.  Crop prices are displayed based on location and provide farmers the ability to take advantage of trends and maximise value of the harvest. Htwet Toe contains comprehensive guides for more than 35 domestic crops that assist farmers with all aspects of farming from soil preparation to harvesting and selling their produce.  Htwet Toe’s, hugely popular, Q&A allows for farmers to interact with and communicate with staff agronomists in near real-time providing timely solutions to problems and advice. Amongst a wide array of highly useful features, Htwet Toe includes the ability to upload images, scan promotional codes to enjoy discounts and rewards from input suppliers and other businesses throughout the agri value chain.  Htwet Toe is continually evolving and learning through the data that is being collected through a multitude of sources and many unique and revolutionary features are expected to be released in the very near future.

Progress to date

Htwet Toe has been able to provide value and services to more than 300,000 Myanmar farmers and continues to be one of the most loved agri apps in the country.  The Agronomists at Htwet Toe have answered more than 100,000 specific and valuable questions helping farmers to solve problems and reap better crops. The dedicated team at Htwet Toe continues to connect with farmers on-mobile and on-ground having conducted over  110 field training exercises that personally benefitted 5,500 farmers and extension workers across Myanmar

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