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Pessl Instruments GmbH (Pessl), an Austrian AgTech company, aims to improve the climate resilience of smallholder Filipino farmers through a public private partnership called “Improving Productivity in Agriculture through Climate-Smart Technology” or ImPACT. Pessl has deployed over 32 proprietary agro-meteorological IoT devices that enable farmers to adopt Climate-Smart Agriculture in their daily farming activities. These devices autonomously measure and transmit environmental data, which is processed and delivered to farmers in the via a simplified mobile application. Farmers are able to use this data to reduce their chemical footprint and improve their yield.

Capability and features

ImPACT allows farmers to monitor all relevant climatic conditions and soil parameters, bringing their agricultural work management one step higher. ImPACT combines monitored and forecasted data to get a powerful tool, which optimizes production and lets farmers produce more with less.

With the help of climatic and soil monitoring and forecasting farmers can:

  1. Monitor climatic conditions in nurseries to avoid germination problems when sowing vegetables.
  2. Optimize fertilization time
  3. Optimize plant protection activities to have disease free yield.
  4. Manage irrigation by monitoring soil moisture, identifying when a crop is suffering water stress and starting an irrigation system on time.

Progress to date

ImPACT has reduced the input usage of farmers, enabling more precise documentation of farmers’ daily activity and improved crop yields.

ImPACT have worked with a control group of 100 farmers, expanding to 5,000 farmers in 2019 and 10,000 farmers by 2020.

Deployment will be made sustainable through a service model, e.g. farmers pay $1 per month for the application and are therefore able to save money on chemicals and increase their incomes.

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