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JEDTrade is a leading technology company that builds business solutions powered by blockchain technology. JEDTrade believe that technology should be built around the business and its use cases.

As such, their blockchain advisory is centred on providing objective guidance and insights that are tailored to each client’s industry and needs. They blend our blockchain knowledge with subject matter expertise in trade and supply chain finance to create tailored solutions for clients.

JEDTrade deem blockchain as the key to democratising power and resources with trust, fairness and accountability. The blockchain project Jupiter Chain is a Smart Consentable Data Exchange platform that aims to create a privacy-preserving federated blockchain which enables the use of analytics.

JED Dynamic Discounting is an enterprise solution to help suppliers and buyers to optimise trade and cash flow by achieving a win-win outcome in terms advance cash flow and better yields. JEDTrade is an early supporter of the Networked Trade Platform by GovTech Singapore as a Value-Added Service (VAS) provider.

Progress to date

JEDTrade has been an early supporter of the Networked Trade Platform (NTP) by GovTech and SGCustoms as a Value-Added Service (VAS) provider.

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