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Koltiva is a “Farmer First” agritech firm utilizing proprietary technologies and services to enhance global supply chain traceability, inclusiveness, and sustainability. Koltiva serves both farmers and multinationals to create more sustainable and transparent supply chains. Koltiva aims to solve the “triple challenge” of increasing smallholder farmer incomes, enhancing environmental protection, and improving trade transparency.

Headquartered in Switzerland but with its roots in emerging markets, Koltiva is active in 17 countries. Koltiva’s competitive advantage continues to be the combination of proprietary technologies (agritech, fintech, climate tech) and “boots on the ground” services (KoltiSkills).

Capability and Features

Koltiva has long-standing experience working with the private and public sector to provide extension services and capacity building to smallholder farmers, and development of software solutions across more than 20 smallholder farming commodities and aquaculture. Koltiva’s end-to-end software and service ecosystem include:

KoltiTrace – SaaS web and mobile solutions, including GIS for land use analysis and IoT for every actor along rural and global supply chains. KoltiTrace contains KoltiTrace MIS, a Management Information System from seed to table, KoltiTrace CRM, a KPI and Event Management solution for member-based organizations, and KoltiTrace ERP, an Enterprise Resource Planning System for responsible businesses.

KoltiTrade – disrupts traditional trade systems from agri-inputs to commodities using technology. Physical movement of high-quality farm inputs and single origin trading of sustainable farm produce. This includes a mobile app for agri-input shops and an e-commerce platform for sustainable and traceable consumer products.

KoltiSkills – a ‘Boots on the Ground’ platform for extension services for farmer mapping, farm inspections, training and coaching, and verifications.

KoltiPay – an integrated fintech platform for responsible access to finance and payments.

Progress to date

As of the end of January 2022, Koltiva has 412,444 registered farmers and producers with 102,017 farmers currently active in responsibly-sourced supply chains.

Koltiva works with 4,921 SMEs and MNEs registered on its platforms across 24 different agriculture commodities along global supply chains, from input suppliers to manufacturers and retailers. More than 1 million eProcurement seed to table transactions with over US$193 million product value have been recorded in KoltiTrace applications, benefitting smallholder farmers with additional US$10 million in traceability and crop quality premiums.

KoltiPay has been launched in Indonesia to cocoa farmers and the first several hundreds of digital payments for fully transparent procurement transactions have been realized, including the first 200 smallholder farmers have received fully digitalized agri-input loans.

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