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Farmer Advisory




8Villages have a suite of services that benefit smallholder farmers, including Datahub, LISA, KASA and RegoPantes.

LISA is an SMS and online based village information service that enables farmers to join in their agricultural communities. Farmers often do not benefit from transparency or know the best practices needed to use agri business products in efficient and effective ways. LISA solves these problems across multiple dimensions. It can engage directly with any farmer by android application, so they can ask questions real time. Farmers can get closer to the modernization, they can selling their products at fair price and they can live more prosperously.

LISA’s field force solutions help companies develop better surveys, leading to insightful learning from the field which can increasing farmer productivity while improving the company’s profitability.

Progress To Date

8Villages has engaged over 120,000 farmers to date, and has partnerships with Mercy Corps Indonesia, Telco (Telkomsel), Agriculture University, Ministry of Trade and BMKG.

The team are working with ministry of information to reach 1 million farmers in Indonesia.



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