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ListenField provides precision technology to empower farmers and interconnect stakeholders, creating a new economy for food production. Their app, FarmAI uses IoT integration, predictive analytics for climate and crop growth, and satellite imagery analysis in one mobile app. This gives farmers actionable data for making the right decision in every step of farming. The right action can reduce losses due to climate uncertainty worth around 10-15% every season.

Capability and features
Farmers can use the FarmAI mobile app to log their activity, access weather and risk information and yield predictions, and access a knowledgeable community. FarmAI helps farmers to reduce uncertainty and teaches them improved farming techniques through farming community. Farmers are connected to wholesale buyers, adding transparency and removing the need for agents. This makes it easier for them to find the best deals, and improves payment processes. Farmer’s data records are automatically risk-assessed, so farmers will get better and faster access to financial aid, insurance and credit.

Governments and financial institutions can access valuable data from thousands of farmers, and  the platform will help auditors to work and communicate with farmers in real-time. FarmAI creates an opportunity for Governments to better support farmers through their policies, and for financial institutions to create more suitable products. FarmAI generates revenue from these customers, allowing the app to be free for farmers.

Traders benefit from FarmAI’s dashboard for finding farmers and better products, which improves trust and creates transparency around quality and price. These buyers can trace back their products to the field level, and access to the best performing farmers. FarmAI minimizes their risk by guaranteeing the trader’s supply chain, verifying the quality of products through digitalized data on the platform.

Progress to date
To date, FarmAI has over 7,000 farmers signed up to the platform. The team selected as one of the finalists of the UNDP Seed award, and has partnerships with several organic communities and Bank of Thailand.

FarmAI are improving their user experience, adding organic certification compatible reports, and crop performance analysis from satellite imagery.


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