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LuckNow is a SaaS solution that helps farmers improve their land management practices, through the use of IoT devices, artificial intelligence and connections to market partners. The system analyses data points such as sunlight levels, temperature, precipitation, pH, humidity, presence of pests or diseases, etc.  Farmers are able to plan out their activities in line with best practices, and sensors in their fields help them make good decisions that boost their yields.

Capability and features

Farmers use LuckNow to select and track inputs, set harvest schedules and monitor results. Sensors help to detect issues and make recommendations, in order to increase their productivity. Farmers are better connected to input suppliers and market partners, improving their yields, prices received and therefore increasing their incomes.

Extension workers use LuckNow to assist farmers in monitoring farm conditions, as the sensors and cameras allow for early detection of issues. LuckNow shortens the time needed for agricultural education, automatic input information by recording the growing crop condition through IoT system.

Businesses are engaged via a subscription model. They use Lucknow to find and contact farmers spread across wide geographic areas by verifying their identity and proof of farm ownership. These businesses can benefit from better estimates of farm production, and use the data collected from each farmer.

Progress to date

LuckNow are currently establishing a presence in Java in partnership with the provincial government, and have been working with 30 farmers in Japan.

The team are currently developing a traceability system with NFC or RFID to track the produce from farm to end processor, for food safety and product certifications and supply chain management. They are also creating iPhone and Android phone interfaces to improve the system’s useability.

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