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mFish is a mobile application that allows fishers in developing nations to digitally log their harvest. They receive access to information on weather, best practices, and market pricing when available. mFish Trace uses a blockchain solution, Fishcoin, that is developing incentives for fishers to use the app, exchanging key data elements for traceability for mobile top-ups.

mFish exists to create a data ecosystem and help address the inefficiencies and unsustainable practices within the fishing and aquaculture industry. This helps to prevent food waste, protect the livelihoods and wellbeing of fishers, and conserve commercially and ecologically important fish populations and their habitat.

Capability and features

Fishers use the browser based application to access education courses (best practices, stock status, data collection etc), catch/harvest logbook, market prices, weather forecast, and messenger services.

This equips them with best practice information and rewards producers for digitally logging their harvest with mobile top-ups.

NGOs can create content and use the Course Management System to educate fishers and fish farmers on best practices. They can also receive catch data from local fishers who are part of a fishery improvement project.

Governments can use mFish’s messenger for communicating directly with fishers, informing them about regulations, closures, gear restrictions etc. Governments can also receive data to get a better understanding of catch per unit effort for stock assessment, which improves their fisheries management plans.

Progress to date

To date, mFish has engaged over 16,000 fishers, and their application is available in over 30 countries in seven languages. mFish and Fishcoin are being piloted with Thai Union one of the largest seafood suppliers in the world, with pilots in the works with other producers in Alaska, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Sri Lanka, and a leading sustainability brand in Mexico.


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