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MyCrop is a technology enabled initiative that empowers farmers through “Farmer Mitras” (village level entrepreneurs). MyCrop delivers information, expertise and resources that increase their productivity and profitability.

MyCrop provides farmers with geo-mapping, individual farm plans and farm automation customized to weather, soil, pest, crop data a on near real-time basis.

This flexible technology platform serves as a one-stop solution for farmers, delivering all resources at their doorsteps and providing near real-time actionable insights customized for each farmer.

10% of farmers use the technology on their smartphones, whereas the other 90% benefit from the Farmer Mitras who assist them in using the application.

Capability and features

The MyCrop platform consists of two mobile/tab applications and a web-based dashboard.

It has a sustainable data-driven, scalable, self-learning Agri-food system which serves as a farm/farmer management solution, predictive analytics & monitoring tool, decision support system & agriculture e-commerce platform enabling a farmer to reduce the cost of cultivation, increase yield & ensure the better realization of the finished product.

The platform is an enabler for agriculture ecosystem players, providing them last mile access to farmers to deliver their offerings more economically and efficiently.

MyCrop is free for farmers, generating revenue from input companies and banks who benefit from improved data-driven decision making.

Progress to date

MyCrop has been honored as a Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum, recognised as “Best Startup for ICT in Agriculture” by ICFA, and is currently working with more than 4,000 farmers in India & Indonesia with more than 30 Farmer Mitras.

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