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N-Frnds is transforming smallholder farmer value chains by providing access to finance, agricultural information, collection data and interactive communication and engagement solutions, all through the farmers’ existing mobile phone. N-Frnds works with Governments, Ministries of Agriculture, Financial Institutions and FMCG companies to better reach, serve and source from farmers throughout the value chain. For example, in Indonesia the N-Frnds platform is used by Nestle coffee farmers to open bank accounts, save, receive loans, make payments and gain access to financing.

Capability and features

Farmers use the platform to access financial services such as loans and savings accounts, as well as gathering valuable information on prices and contact with extension workers, all without mobile data.

Lenders use the platform to provide end-to-end mobile loans (through digital KYC process) and as a virtual point of sale, allowing them to engage with customers/borrowers who don’t have access to the internet.

FMCGs use N-Frnds as an enterprise solution to serve smallholder farmers and consumers, creating greater visibility and building loyalty throughout their value chain.

Progress to date

N-Frnds has over 4 million farmers on board, and 15 million total users. They also have strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Mastercard and several large financial institutions, who use N-Frnds to access and serve a new range of customers that are not yet in the digital world.


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