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8Villages have a suite of services that benefit smallholder farmers, including Datahub, LISA, KASA and RegoPantes.

RegoPantes is a platform that connect consumers/businesses to the farmers directly. Through RegoPantes consumers/businesses can manage their purchase of their products, regarding its quality, shipping method and/or amount and shipping time of their products. RegoPantes was inspired from the unfair treatment of farmers and consumers by middlemen. With RegoPantes, farmers can sell their product and consumer can buy their product at fair prices. It is currently being used in almost every region in Indonesia.

Farmers can use RegoPantes to sell their products directly to customers without going through middlemen, increasing their net incomes.

Progress To Date

8Villages has engaged over 120,000 farmers to date, and has partnerships with Mercy Corps Indonesia, Telco (Telkomsel), Agriculture University, Ministry of Trade and BMKG.

The team are working with ministry of information to reach 1 million farmers in Indonesia.



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