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Hardware and IoT




Remote Grid gives farmers the ability to harness data from on-site or remote devices such as sensors, drones and satellites, handheld displays and smartphones. It can be used in agriculture, aquaculture, pisciculture, hydroponics, manufacturing and healthcare industries.

Farmers use this technology to monitor, track, predict & act on soil, water & crop parameters (pH, nutrients, conductivity, oxygen, sunlight, etc.)

Capability and features

Remote Grid has developed Wifi/GPRS/3G capable motes for multi-sensor connectivity with ability to output control signals. Remote Grid has also developed soil nutrient assessment sensors.

Remote Grid has the ability to integrate structured 3rd party databases (e.g. soil, weather, crops), and unstructured social media chatter through APIs for comprehensive predictive and prescriptive analytics. This gives farmers the ability to capture information from the field, transmit to a cloud and present on a smartphone/tablet.

Government benefit from real-time condition monitoring, land usage data and yield predictions.

This gives them a much better knowledge of the land under cultivation, health, yield & population well-being.

FMCGs are given the ability to predict output/yield, inputs, production and ultimately profits. Companies pay a setup fee and small monthly subscription, as well as ordering additional product enhancements and integrations.

Progress to date

Remote Grid has filed a Grand Architecture patent, and has already been rolled out with several farmers. The team are currently working on the integration of weather forecasts, yield forecasts, and connection to social media interest groups for problem sharing amongst farmers.

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