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ScanTrust is a smart packaging company that provides solutions to product authentication, supply chain traceability and consumer engagement. Through the patent, copy-proof QR codes, cloud-based business intelligence software and blockchain technology, ScanTrust helps brands digitise their physical products and enable two-way communication with end-consumers.

Capability and features

FMCGs benefit from product authentication/anti-counterfeit, track and trace, consumer engagement

Digitise your products and enable two-way communication with your end-consumers.

Input Manufacturers are able to track and trace their products and creating visibility across the supply chain.

Progress to date

ScanTrust was a finalist at the EUIPO Blockathon 2018 as the winner of the “Consumer” and “Customs” Challenges. ScanTrust was also rated “Best Product” & “Most Innovative Startup” at the 2nd EY Global Startup Challenge 2015.

ScanTrust has worked with 200 farmers to date, and has also worked with Argentinian Government on Fiscal Stamps for Seed Industry. They have partnerships with HP Indigo, Reynders, and Image Lake Image Systems

ScanTrust are a founding partner of the GoodChain Foundation – a Global, Decentralised Product Transparency Platform for Social Impact.


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