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SimpleAgri  was launched in 2016 by a team of Agricultural IT specialists with a combined 60+ years of global agriculture experience and a deep passion for sustainable farming and small landholders.

SimpleAgri digitizes farm management through capturing the day to day operational processes giving full transparency and traceability that then enables landholders to make incremental changes for improving productivity, worker safety, quality and produce yields.

SimpleAgri focuses on supporting small landholders and farmers in low-socioeconomic regions working through Industry Bodies, NGO’s, Government Bodies and Co-operatives/clusters to help improve land management practices and their long-term commercial sustainability.

Capability and features

SimpleAgri provides secure private mobile and web access that give landholders secure private access to a landholder’s farming operation. The platform can be integrated to external ERP take data feeds and IoT devices. The geo-spatial capability has a built-in mapping engine which allows drill down features over the common mapping platforms.

Operators are able to replicate any operational activity related to the land or their farming/plantation business. This basic foundation provides landholders with the power to create do forecasts,  and budgets, manage farm inputs (materials, labour, equipment) and monitor  /adjust the day to day operations based on the actual results. In capturing processes, SimpleAgri assists landholders to be pro-active in the assessment of the impact of their decisions and to make changes that focus on improvements to yield, quality and workers safety through i changes in work practices, innovation and education.

The application is deployed in three packages: i) Multi-nationals and Co-Operatives, ii) Enterprise and Business and as iii) an Industry Platform which is intended for use in specific agri-sectors by Industry Bodies and NGO’s to operate as an industry landbank and platform for collaboration that is free for use to small landholders and farmers .

Progress to date

SimpleAgri has customers in Colombia, Thailand and Malaysia covering tea, sugar, oil palm, rice, various fruits and flowers.

In 2018, SimpleAgri rolled out project servicing 650+ small landholders of passionfruit and physalis fruit. The project will be expanded to Peru and Ecuador to assist  2500 + small landholders.

The Agronomist Workbench and enhancements for group/cluster management are currently in development. 

The platform is GIS enabled with a drone plug-in coming that will allow drone data to be stored within SimpleAgri and overlayed with SimpleAgri operational and sample information. The platform will also support blockchain for external supplier and trade portals.

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