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SIPINDO is an application that solves a wide range of common smallholder farmer challenges, helping them increase their incomes through shared information about their crop performance to supply chain actors from upstream to downstream. The application is used by farmers, buyer – consumer and agriculture practitioners and also support ±150 field officers of EWINDO, giving everyone access to fast, efficient solutions to agronomic challenges.

Buyers use SIPINDO’s search functionality to find and contact farmers directly, which increasesmarket volumes of farmer products and benefits both parties.

Capability and features

SIPINDO’s application allows smallholder farmers to directly contact their colleagues in other regions, research prices and trends in demand for commodities on the market, find procedures for handling pests and diseases, discover cropping patterns and estimated harvest time.

The platform helps farmersestimate their production, as well as selling harvests directly to buyers, avoiding the price games of middlemen.

Farmers can also find out the level of soil fertility to be more efficient in using fertilizer in their specific location while apps also supporting climate data trend for assisting farmers on weather forecast.

Progress to date

To date, SIPINDO has worked with over 20,000 farmers, and has collaborated with PRISMA, Netherlands Space Office (NSO), ICCO Cooperation, Bogor Agriculture University, University of Twentee (UT-ITC), Nelen & Schuurmans, and AKVO.

The platform will soon feature more accurate daily weather forecasts, irrigation advice, advanced pest and disease (chemical and non-chemical management option), enabling farmers to maximise their yields and incomes.

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