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Slide is an integrated fintech platform that enables supply chain stakeholders to gain access to capital. Slide uses data collected within the ecosystem to generate a reliable AI credit score for quick loan approval.

The platform facilitates lending from financial institutions, impact investors or through crowdfunding, and mitigates risks by establishing a closed-loop supply chain.

Capability and features

Slide features an AI chatbot, secure QR for payment and traceability and an eWallet to facilitate transactions. Revenue is generated through platform fees and transaction fees.

Farmers use the platform to apply for loans, arrange payment and collection, and find up to date price information, thereby maximising the value of their harvests.

Traders use the platform for loans, crowdfunding and to improve traceability.

Lenders benefit from KYC data, AI Credit Scores, and to manage their loans more effectively.

Progress to date

Slide is currently used by banks and the Singaporean government, and has been audited and approved by the Singaporean and Indonesian governments. More than 500 farmers have used the platform.

Slide are collaborating with MUFG to use Slide to empower supply chains in ASEAN. BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) white-labels Slide for international remittance, and AUB (Asia United Bank) are set to use Slide in the Philippines.


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