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Enveritas is an international NGO that provides innovative and data-driven sustainability verification programs for coffee, allowing all farmers to participate in a sustainable coffee market regardless of farm size, location, or affiliation. Smallholders gain additional opportunities to participate in a global sustainable coffee industry, including a path to improved farming practices that protect the environment, safeguard human rights, and ensure sustainable future for generations to come.

Capability and features

Enveritas assesses sustainability practices across three pillars at coffee origins: social, environmental and economic.

Roasters use Enveritas’ as part of their focus on risk assurance in sustainability compliance. They can monitor sustainability practices in every region where coffee is produced, allowing them to map out the challenge and design appropriate interventions (e.g. social, economic and environmental interventions).

Farmers use Enveritas for data-driven, yield-increasing technical assistance. They use a mobile application to conduct control trials that test different interventions. This tracks the results of each test, highlighting the improvements that will boost farmer’s yields and incomes. The solution is free for farmers, who benefit from the technical assistance programs that are designed based on the sustainability verification data. Data is often collected on the ground by a local team, who then enter the information into the application on behalf of the growers.

Progress to date

During 2017-18 harvest, Enveritas has conducted training for 20,000 farmers and surveyed over 35,000, representing 26% of total smallholders globally. They are currently operating in 10 countries across the world.

Enveritas has an app to address technological challenges while ensuring prerequisite SOPs are met, and are rolling out technical assistance programs for coffee farmers in Ethiopia.

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