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TaniFund is a crowdfunding platform for agricultural activities in Indonesia. TaniFund connects farmers with alternative financing from the broader public. Individuals and/or entities can choose to invest their fund into a cultivation project of their preference. TaniFund’s innovation is a solution for the unbankable smallholders farmers and, at the same time, benefits those with excessive funds with a profitable investment option.

Capability and features

TaniFund’s projects are exclusively for groups of farmers, not individuals. This approach allocates the responsibility to the group in keeping their farmer members in check (i.e. in microfinance, in repayment, whilst in TaniFund’s scheme, in ensuring levels of production).

Funds gathered from the public are not disbursed lump sum at the beginning of the project, unlike most banks and financial institutions, but weekly, according to the farmers needs. These amounts are calculated at the beginning—which then will be included in the prospectus—involving both the farmers and TaniFund’s team, before the project is even posted in TaniFund’s website. One uniqueness of TaniFund is that in this calculation, labor cost of the farmers are included so as to ensure that the farmers have a steady income, to cover their household expenditures.


The project period is designed as to provide more than one harvest, to anticipate any force majeures that can resulted in harvest failure. This is to keep the accountability in ensuring public’s funds invested in TaniFund’s projects. In the anticipation against agriculture practices that are prone to force majeures, is the diversification of projects’ location, so if half a hectare suffers a pest invasion, there is still half that can produce harvests.

The harvest produced from TaniFund projects is absorbed entirely by the marketplace TaniHub, and priced in accordance to TaniHub’s quality standard. This is a mitigation against price volatility in the market in the future (prices are agreed upon during the making of prospectus).

Progress to date

TaniFund has managed to crowdfund USD 1.5 million, distributed to 35 projects. TaniFund is the first winner of Mandiri Finspire and has crowdfunded over USD140,000 in less than 18 hours.

TaniFund has worked with over 855 farmers, and has partnerships with International Finance Corporation (IFC) and several Indonesian banks – channeling their loans to smallholder farmers.

TaniFund is working to incorporate climate smart practice into the projects, as to encourage resilience and climate adaptive practice in Indonesian agriculture landscape.


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