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TaroWorks is a mobile software platform for managing field staff, business operations, and data collection in emerging markets. The two-part solution includes an Android app for field extension officers and a back-end app running on for data management, analysis, business process creation and user administration. These features work in the most rural parts of the world with no connectivity, empowering field staff to create, edit, read/use data out of the Salesforce platform.  

Capability and features

The application will allow the user to geo-tag a specific location offline, take photos (e.g. of farmer beneficiaries), capture signatures and allow for barcode/QR code scanning (e.g. for tracking products).  Additionally, TaroWorks can serve as part of the intervention to beneficiaries by allowing mobilie users to show training videos, agricultural best practices guides, etc.

Progress to date

TaroWorks have over 60 clients operating all over the world in Latin America, Africa and Asia, and have helped multiple clients expand from one country of operation to different emerging markets in other parts of the world.

Lutheran World Relief is using TaroWorks to help estimate farmer crop yields and supply the information to unions. This increases transparency along the value chain so that farmers can negotiate better pricing on their crops and boost their incomes.

TaroWorks is developing extensions of the TaroWorks mobile application, adding functionality around procurement of products, inventory management, sales orders and mobile money integration.

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