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Tun Yat is an on-demand platform connecting farmers and machine renters, using mechanization to improve farmer yields. Tun Yat offers a standardized service across a fragmented market; offering an affordable and reliable tractor/harvester rental service. This helps farmers unlock the power of mechanization and increase their incomes.

Capability and features

Tun Yat provides mechanisation as a service using high-quality European and Japanese farming machines. They match market pricing (as small-holder farmers are price sensitive), and provide well-trained machine operators. Farmers pay a market-rate per acre to rent a machine to till their land or harvest their rice paddy crop. Farmers can pay for machine bookings/orders using a mobile wallet provider that is integrated with Booking App. This transaction data is shared with banks for lending against receivables. 

Progress to date

Tun Yat’s Service Hub is already servicing 5,000+ farmers, and have been able to produce a result of 9,000 acres in Y1 for harvesting and tilling.

The company has steadily built up a close-knit value chain to source machines and parts (New Holland and John Deere), offer credit terms to farmers and collect data points from farm plots into single platform for analysis. Overall, they help provide impact and value for its farming customers saving them $120 each season by using a more reliable and careful harvesting and tilling service.

Tun Yat is mentored by a team of experts from ADB, Deloitte and Strategic Agriculture Partners like Proximity Designs and is positioning to scale and replicate the business model both locally and across the Mekong region with a localized adaptation strategy. 

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