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  • Categories// Traceability
  • Crops// No crop specified.
  • Country// Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Africa, Other

mFish is a mobile application that allows fishers in developing nations to digitally log their harvest. They receive access to information on weather, best practices, and market pricing when available. mFish Trace uses a blockchain solution, Fishcoin, that is developing incentives for fishers to use the app, exchanging key data elements for traceability for mobile top-ups.

Alternative Data Credit Score and Verification


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  • Categories// Finance
  • Crops// No crop specified.
  • Country// India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Africa

LenddoEFL offers businesses a Software As A Service (SaaS) packages, improving the way financial institutions perform credit scoring and borrower verification. LenddoEFL integrate their API/button into their client’s applications, allowing them to on-board new borrowers and gather information.


Tani Fund

  • Categories// Farmer Advisory, Finance
  • Crops// Vegetables, Fruits
  • Country// Indonesia

TaniFund is a crowdfunding platform for agricultural activities in Indonesia. TaniFund connects farmers with alternative financing from the broader public. Individuals and/or entities can choose to invest their fund into a cultivation project of their preference.



  • Categories// Payments, Traceability
  • Crops// Rice, Pulses, Spices, Maize, Coffee, Cocoa
  • Country// Indonesia, Vietnam, Other

AgUnity is a global technology platform tackling the barriers to technology adoption in the last mile by providing these farmers with a smartphone and blockchain-based application solution, helping them to improve communication, access digital services, confidently transact with transparency and increase collaboration in the value chain. 

Green Way


  • Categories// Farmer Advisory, Supply Chain Intelligence
  • Crops// Rice, Pulses, Vegetables, Spices, Maize, Fruits, Coffee
  • Country// Myanmar

Green Way is a mobile app for farmers, traders and rural communities. It covers a range of crops and region-specific market prices and allows farmers to ask questions, with the option to attach photos, that are answered by verified agricultural experts.

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  • Categories// Traceability
  • Crops// No crop specified.
  • Country// India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Africa

neoInt is a traceability platform for agri-input manufacturers. While most solutions in the market only focus on product serialization, neoInt helps agribusiness professionals manage business processes related to Channel inventory and Channel Loyalty across the finished goods value chain from factory to farmer.



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  • Categories// Finance, Traceability
  • Crops// Rice, Pulses, Vegetables, Spices, Maize, Fruits, Coffee, Cocoa
  • Country// China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Other

Farmforce is a cloud-hosted web and mobile platform enabling transparency and digital management in the first mile of agricultural value chains. Farmforce supports companies and organizations to understand where their products originate and how they were grown. Clients manage their strategic sourcing partnerships with smallholder farmers to alleviate pain points and drive supply chain sustainability.



  • Categories// Farmer Advisory, Traceability
  • Crops// Vegetables, Coffee
  • Country// India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines, Africa, Other

TaroWorks is a mobile software platform for managing field staff, business operations, and data collection in emerging markets. The two-part solution includes an Android app for field extension officers and a back-end app running on for data management, analysis, business process creation and user administration.

Drones for Agriculture


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  • Categories// Drones and Imagery, Farm Management
  • Crops// Rice, Vegetables, Maize
  • Country// Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

Poladrone’s proprietary algorithms allow users to quickly and accurately derive useful information from images captured, such as accurate oil palm count, categorisation, health, roads, infrastructure, rivers, etc. These algorithms help to streamline the analytics process which is traditionally a very manual process.


In Trial

Pessl Instruments

  • Categories// Farmer Advisory, IoT
  • Crops// Rice, Vegetables, Maize, Fruits, Coffee
  • Country// Philippines

Pessl Instruments GmbH (Pessl), aims to improve the climate resilience of smallholder Filipino farmers through a public-private partnership called “Improving Productivity in Agriculture through Climate-Smart Technology” or ImPACT. Pessl has deployed over 32 proprietary agro-meteorological IoT devices that enable farmers to adopt Climate-Smart Agriculture in their daily farming activities.

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