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Golden Paddy

Impact Terra

  • Categories// Farmer Advisory, Trading
  • Crops// Rice, Pulses, Vegetables, Maize, Fruits
  • Country// Myanmar, Vietnam

Golden Paddy offers real-time, specific and accurate productivity advice, connection to better buyers with better prices and terms, and connection to formal lenders with better rates and terms. All services are free for farmers, with Golden Paddy generating revenue from lead generation, advertisements, data insights and transactions.


ICCO Cooperation

  • Categories// Farmer Advisory
  • Crops// Spices, Coffee
  • Country// Vietnam

GREENCoffee provides real time, 24/7 information, tailored to farmers and B2B partners in Vietnam. By using smart communication and information tools (e.g. smartphones, SMS, web portal) that integrate important data, farmers have access to relevant information products.

KoltiTrace, KoltiTrade, KoltiSkills, KoltiPay


  • Categories// Supply Chain Intelligence, Traceability
  • Crops// Spices, Fruits, Coffee, Cocoa
  • Country// Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam

Koltiva is a “Farmer First” agritech firm utilizing proprietary technologies and services to enhance global supply chain traceability, inclusiveness, and sustainability. Koltiva serves both farmers and multinationals to create more sustainable and transparent supply chains. Koltiva aims to solve the “triple challenge” of increasing smallholder farmer incomes, enhancing environmental protection, and improving trade transparency.

Htwet Toe

Village Link

  • Categories// Farmer Advisory
  • Crops// Rice, Pulses, Vegetables, Spices, Maize, Fruits
  • Country// Myanmar

Htwet Toe is a simple and easy-to-use mobile platform that helps agricultural communities in Myanmar by providing professional advice, solutions and services to increase yield and productivity.  Htwet Toe has partnered with companies such as Myanma Awba Group and TerraSphere, to create a platform where farmers and agricultural communities can readily access a wide spectrum of content to help improve harvest yields, achieve better selling prices and build a strong agricultural community. 

  • Categories// Farm Management, Farmer Advisory
  • Crops// Vegetables
  • Country// Indonesia

SIPINDO is an application that solves a wide range of common smallholder farmer challenges, helping them increase their incomes through shared information about their crop performance to supply chain actors from upstream to downstream.



Seperator.IndonesiaThailand flag.
Sseperator.'IndonesiaThailand flag.
  • Categories// Farm Management, Traceability
  • Crops// No crop specified.
  • Country// Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines

SimpleAgri digitizes farm management by capturing the day to day operational processes giving full transparency and traceability that then enables landholders to make incremental changes for improving productivity, worker safety, quality and produce yields.

  • Categories// Farmer Advisory, Traceability
  • Crops// Rice, Pulses, Vegetables, Spices, Maize
  • Country// India, Indonesia

MyCrop is a technology enabled initiative that empowers farmers through “Farmer Mitras” (village level entrepreneurs). MyCrop delivers information, expertise and resources that increase their productivity and profitability.MyCrop provides farmers with geo-mapping, individual farm plans and farm automation customized to weather, soil, pest, crop data a on near real-time basis.

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